I love abstract work , simply because everyone notices a different thing about it .When i showed this to my teacher , she told me she saw red human figures , to be specific Indians. Why Indians ? no one knows… i didn’t even ask. But its funny because my dad said it reminded … More Abstract

Merry Christmas!

dear stranger i hope you have a warm holiday with your loved ones here are special moments captured from Zahleh , Bequaa P.S: i didnt take the first one only the second , k , bye 


Its pretty sad nowadays , most arabs are thrown away from their own country , turning homeless , getting humiliated and being deprived of the simplest human rights. This sketch represent non settlers , people packing their lives in a handbag and searching for another life.


This is One of my favorites ! The process is really fun 1- Bring a cardboard and  draw your drawing on it 2- Cut out each part of the drawing but keep it in its place 3- On a big glass plate spread your colors 4- Get a roller and start coloring each cutout alone … More Silhouette

warm colors!

i’m just totally in love with the colors of trees in the fall ( i know its winter now…)  So here i used watercolors ( my favorites!) to do a rapid drawing of fall trees with there warm colors

Who’s pin?

  Dear whoever is reading this, Its kinda hard to decide what will your first post be so i decided it’ll be a brief about yours truly. I started painting about a year and a half ago ( no i didn’t pop out of my mom’s belly with a brush in my hand) , i … More Who’s pin?